Resolution that creates problems

This afternoon, as I was listening to Public Radio International (PRI) To The Point main topic—Armenian Genocide Resolution Upsets Turks and White House—and, again, PRIs The World broadcasts, I came to a conclusion, which now is the reason of my following statement.

As a human being, as an Armenian, and as a citizen of United States (U.S.), I would like to express my deep gratitude and respect to the United States House of Representatives and honorable committee respectively, for discussing this very boiling historical event, which, per se, was almost forgotten—after nearly a century later.

But now, I feel that my emails, calls to the house of representatives and so forth, have become a trigger to a more important issue—that is, Turkey’s panic, which can lead to international crisis and which, of course, in the end, will hurt the planet earth and its residents—the people. Therefore I disagree with Armenian-American organizations, and I call on them to stall their action on our behalf—on behalf of Armenians who reside in the U.S.

My dear friends, for the sake of people in the Middle East, and most importantly people of Iraq, Iran and Israel, do not let this resolution become a solution for the problem that is not for the favor of people, but some people, who keep questions like these as an excuse for their next war time story.

Therefore I request every nation not to be involved in political movements like these. Not to participate in polls. And most importantly, forgive Turkey for its crimes against humanity, because by not doing so, Turkey will no longer support U.S. in the war on terror, and will most likely support terror.

And finally, I call on Armenians around the world to realize that this question—the Genocide of Armenians—is as old as an old ship, which has been on dried shores for a long time. Try to drag it on the sand and it will leave its path along the way, or its weight will break itself apart. Try to flood the shores with water, and it will move softly with its flow, but now it is the flood that is the danger, which will wash the shores and God knows what else.

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  1. maestro Says:

    I think that you are in panic now, not Turkey :)
    I would say that this resolution will not make any difference other than genocide victims’ satisfaction and Armenian nation’s pride satisfaction which will probably have a positive impact on Armenia’s economical and political development.
    Turkey will continue helping on “war on…”. And, by the way, in my opinion, Mr.Greenspan did more harm to US economy and people by keeping interest rates low year after year and creating a huge, never seen in America’s history housing bubble than anybody else on Earth…

  2. Stepan Says:

    Kartzum em heghinak@ yeritasard, bayts imastun mard e. Maestron portzum e nmanvel nran.

  3. maestro Says:

    Look at the title of the blog, buddy. It does not ask you about your personal opinion on authors intelligence.

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