Election day, november 4, 2008

This morning, as I went to bank to make some business transactions, I swinged by a local Starbucks coffee place, to get some fix.

Surprisingly, the waiting lane was long. There were many people, both inside and out, happily having conversation.

Few moments later I noticed that almost all of them had a snall Voter sticker on the right side of their chest. Some of them would get a cup of regular coffee for free, some specialty drinks, and some food.

And what grabbed my attention was the person taking the orders with such passion and speed, that I didn’t have time to chat with the clerk.

Overall happily I got my coffee and got back to work.

My fifteen minute brake is almost over.

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  1. platonic S Says:

    If you were to write a book, it could be the kind containing stories that everybody can relate to and even enjoy reading, but that it did not cross our minds that others too might enjoy those particles of daily life that most of us take for granted.

  2. Հակոբ Գեւորգյան Says:

    I tried once — to write a book, a sci fi… And I failed. Actually, the heroine of my story just vanished — gone away… I’m not so well in English, but I get ideas, here and there. A very sweet friend of mine, whom I see for every good coffee reason, always tells me that we should write a play, because we get this imagination — very funny one :) Anyhow, platonic S, your name and your voice is very familiar; do we know each other?

  3. platonic S Says:

    I don’t want to get philosophical on this question. The simple answer is, probably we don’t. I enjoy your stories and ideas. But I think you recognized my voice just fine. Do you recognize this ancient piece?

    “I am the eye, you are the light, my dear. Blind without light is the eye.”

  4. Hakob Gevorgian Says:

    Once, not too long ago, I was talking to a friend over the phone. And I recollect this from the conversation, where in question to “How are you?” there was a reply of “All I need is the morning light to be fine; I’m fine.”

    And as that is being recalled, I can say this without a fear, that I’m having a memory loss. Forgetting the ancient times and moving to medieval. This I did now. I know, I ought to move back to not get lost.

  5. platonic S Says:

    Oh my!..did I say ancient? I surely meant medieval.

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