Apr 24

Los Angeles from Mt. Washington
Los Angeles from Mt. Washington, Photographer Hakob Gevorgian

This photography, where you see the downtown Los Angeles, was taken by me few months ago. Today, as I was looking at the past photos, I decided to place this one in my website. There are also two recent pictures that I’ve put in my gallery — views of Burbank AMC, and Smoke of Khunk (Խունկ, Khunk is an incense used by most Armenians during Christian religious events, ceremonies and funerals.):

The later one is used to remember beloved friends and all people who have done good in their life. Such can be a father, a close friend or Jesus Christ to who Armenian nation believes in at most. Such remembrance can’t be forgotten. It’s ought to be told, speaken about and comemorated by all and of an utmost importance to everyone.

All good people shall not forget their past — it’s never too late to expose the views.

Apr 18