Aug 13

To my english readers:

The bandWell, let me begin my post by telling my fulfilled day-plan. I went to work, then around noon came back, went to couple of electronic stores to purchase a portable boom box for my office. Around 1 o’clock in the afternoon I was at home and had nothing much to do. Suddenly, my sister and I decided to go to Old Navy store in Glendale, which is on Brand Boulevard.

So, we got there, parked our vehicle and moved on… We had to go through the Glendale Market Place, which is like an alley where Baja Fresh, Coldstone Ice Cream, Starbucks and some other franchises serve the public. From the far we could hear a cheerful music, as we came closer the music became so deary that my blood started to boil and I felt so much happier than I was moments ago; It was our cheerful Armenian music!

The band, which was formed of three or maybe four members, Dhol, Clarinet and Keyboard, were playing Armenian Dance music. There were two Armenian ladies who were dancing an old Sasoun dance and there were Americans as well who were clapping accordingly!

Around 4 o’clock the band started to pick up, so I approached them and congratulated. Then I asked if this event takes place on every Sunday. The lead player of the band, whom I called Varpet (The word Varpet in Armenian means Master) told me that it takes place on every second Sunday of the month, however this is the last month for their show. So the next show is on August 20th of 2006.

I pity so much, that I have not known about this event earlier, this was one cheerful event that I have ever seen in Glendale.

Anyway, I look forward going there next week and enjoy the great music and the dance. Hopefully I will get better pictures with my Digital SLR, than what I have right now (cheesy Motorola Razr photograph). Anyway, should anybody who is local, need help with the directions on how to get to the Glendale Market Place, shoot me an E-mail.

Իսկ իմ հայալեզու կարդացողներին ասեմ, որ եթե այս գրառումից բան չհասկացաք, քանզի այն Անգլերեն էր գրված, խնդրում եմ գրեք ինձ եւ ես ձեզ կփորձեմ բացատրել։