Sep 19

A few moments ago I was watching an Armenian TV Program by Hayk Aharonian, whose guest was Bill Paparian, an Armenian-American, who will run for the upcoming congressional elections.

Bill Paparian was a Major of City of Montebello for three continuous years. He has made many efforts for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. And what I liked in his interview with Mr. Aharonian is that he is against the wars in Middle East. And he definitely is a gentleman, because in his interview he did acknowledge that Arab Nations have helped Armenians during the Armenians Genocide periods.

It is quite interesting that Armenians of the U.S. after all do have candidates for the congress, but are they leaders? The purpose of this questioning is simple.

By living in California for almost a decade, I have noticed that Armenians are divided. For example, the Armenians who were citizens of the Republic of Armenia (RA) mostly dislike Armenian major political parties, such as the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). While on the other hand, the Armenians who have emigrated to U.S. from Middle East, do support the proposed candidates of ANCA. I wish that Armenians were not divided. And I do not blame this on the ordinary people. Something is behind of this separation. What I would like the ANCA to do is to unite the Armenians in the U.S.A. and make one home for all of us. Where we can politely talk about the issues that concern the us.

I wish I was invited, and I wish I knew Bill Paparian little more. But what else I want to tell with this message is that Armenian-Americans should learn about Bill Paparian and see if he is a reasonable candidate, then elect him as a congressman.

To find out more about Mr. Paparian, visit his website at